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Our MBAir has been fine, until today, now it plays only on the left speaker of our headphones - they're OK with our iMac, and System Preferences / Sound shows balance is set centrally - we tried a couple of restarts and replugged & wiggled the plug several times ... also opened & closed the socket flap many times ... eventually we got it to work OK, but maybe the problem will come again ... there was nothing I could see on discussions, so we might be the only ones with this issue ... a dodgy connection to the socket flap seems a possibility, but our MBAir hasn't been used all that much ... so wondered if anyone else has had this, and knows the cure ??

24" Alu iMac / HiRes17" MBP + 'Air / PPC G4 desk + laptop / unplugged 1Tb TC /, Mac OS X (10.5.4), / 'G4s use 10.4.0 + 8.6 + 9.2 / iPhone 3Gs + iPod Touch 2.1
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    Hi Christopher,

    Just to gain some clarification...

    1.) The headphones work in all other products (sound out of both sides)?
    2.) Have we tried multiple headphones?
    3.) Any sign of anything obstructing the port (inside or outside)?
    4.) Has the machine been dropped, mishandled, stored inappropriately that you're aware of?

    Unfortunately, if the issue persists then the machine will require service. With that being said, it'll require repair through an Apple Authorized Service Center (if you want to insure your warranty remains intact).
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    many thanks -

    1) yes, they work OK with our iMac
    2) yes, our other headphones play left only on the MB Air, too
    3) no sign of obstruction
    4) it's been treated only very well & had much less use than I'd anticipated

    darn it, that flap's a nuisance, anyway ... wonder when the warranty runs out !
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    The machine comes with a standard one-year limited warranty for hardware support from Apple. As the MacBook Air hasn't even been out of a year, it'll still be within the coverage window.