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Christopher John Hunter Level 1 (0 points)
Our MBAir has been fine, until today, now it plays only on the left speaker of our headphones - they're OK with our iMac, and System Preferences / Sound shows balance is set centrally - we tried a couple of restarts and replugged & wiggled the plug several times ... also opened & closed the socket flap many times ... eventually we got it to work OK, but maybe the problem will come again ... there was nothing I could see on discussions, so we might be the only ones with this issue ... a dodgy connection to the socket flap seems a possibility, but our MBAir hasn't been used all that much ... so wondered if anyone else has had this, and knows the cure ??

24" Alu iMac / HiRes17" MBP + 'Air / PPC G4 desk + laptop / unplugged 1Tb TC /, Mac OS X (10.5.4), / 'G4s use 10.4.0 + 8.6 + 9.2 / iPhone 3Gs + iPod Touch 2.1