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I use iWeb'08 v 2.0.4 (830A43). I made a single iWeb movie page and published to a folder on the desktop. I FTP'd the folder to my web space on Verizon. When I go to the site the html page opens with all colors and text and background but only shows a placeholder for the movie with a big "Q" and a "?" in the middle. the movie was done on iMovie and is a ".mov " file also tried mobile ".m4v" I use Transmit for FTP. On the verizon web site if I try to move the movie to another folder it says error -130 cannot rename or move file directory error.

I did the same things several times a couple of months ago and had no problem. Is there a problem due to a recent update of the Apple software?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.4), 500GB HD ; 2GB ram; 2.33mhrz dual intel chip;SuperDrive-PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-K06:
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    See Cyclosaurus' response in this topic: http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=8664386#8664386.

    Happy New Year
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    I was aware of the issue referenced in the above, it had to do with ? in the URL address when calling up slideshow. I ran into that last summer and ws able to delete the question marks and post my slide show. At the same time I had movie pages with videos and they worked fine without any modification. I ponder why the videos on a iWeb movie page will not work now. There must have been some modification in updates that caused this.

    If anyone has an idea about a fix I'd appreciate a clue. I could not tell which script calls for the movie or find a reference to the movie call that I could study.
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    Another odd thing about the iSeb site. After uploading to verizon, I thought I would try to move the .m4v movie file to the top folder (out of the Media folder) thinking it might be easier to find, and I get the error "-150
    Movile.m4v could not rename "Mobile.m4v"
    Server said: "mobile.m4v:No such file or directory"

    I can however see that the file is there in my FTP client screen but Ic ant move it. !

    Why cant the server see the file if my FTP client can see it. I can move any ther file but the mobile.m4v file. I also tried to change thevideo to a Quickime movie .mov and have the same problem.
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    I think I found the answer. I believe I have just barely exceeded the storage limit in my verizon account. The file loads but since it is over the storage allowed is not showing in the server directory. In this case it is not a js script or software error as I thought. I was gun-shy after the slideshow problem last summer that was caused by a ? in the js.
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    I excweeded Verizn's allowale storage for my web site.