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I have a MacBook 2.0 black that just the other day would not show a green light on the power adapter.
I have 2 batteries that I have not had any problems with. The battery icon on the menu bar show's the adapter in but says it is not charging the battery. I have tried my brothers adapter for his late model Pro and no green light either. When I plug in the adapter there is an orange light for a brief second then no light.
I have done the SMU and zapped the pram with no luck.

Like I said both of my batteries have the same result.
thanks in advance

MacBook 2.0 Black, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Hi GoTVois,

    So we've tried two different batteries and two different adapters? Can we confirm that both adapters and batteries work in/with another MacBook?

    If so... it'd be a pretty fair assumption to say that the problem lies within the hardware of the computer. I'd recommend a visit to your local Apple Store (make sure to have an appointment) or service center.

    Is the machine still under warranty?
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    I dropped it off at the Apple Store and they ordered a motherboard and another part for it.
    They acted like they had seen this before. But they did ask if I spilled liquid on the charger inlet. lol