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Robert Edison Level 3 (560 points)
Specifically the "T, G, B, and "5" keys refuse to work.

Have tried a reboot, logout, no luck.

Had the keyboard replaced, no luck.

This not the "ELP" problem, it is only the above keys that don't work.

Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo "Mermon" 2.33 Ghz 3GB Ram 10.5.6 ....

Software or Hardware related?

Anyone else with this problem, or solutions?



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  • louie Level 4 (2,945 points)
    I think it still keyboard hardware related. I believe the keys are matrixed, so 5TGB are one column.

    So, who replace the keyboard? Was the ribbon cable replaced? The connectors examined very closely? Tried an external USB keyboard?
  • CMCSK Level 6 (10,717 points)
    Had the keyboard replaced, no luck.

    Send the computer back to the repair shop & tell them it's not fixed. Do not let the computer leave the repair facility until you see for yourself that it has been properly repaired.
  • Dnev Level 1 (5 points)
    I am having the same issue with a friend of mines Macbook Pro.

    The F8, 8, I, K, ",", left and right arrow keys, and Caps Lock are not working at all.

    I have replaced the keyboard not once, but twice, thinking that the first replacement keyboard must have been defective. I have attempted to reseat the keyboard connection under the battery, and have made every effort to restart, shutdown, install updates, remove battery, perform the 5 second reset with the battery out, etc.

    I am convinced that something on the main board is bad. However, because his system it out of warranty, the repair will be insanely expensive. I've heard around $600 for the main board replacement.

    Has anyone had the experience of replacing anything other than the keyboard to fix this problem? In other words, did you do something beyond replacing the keyboard that worked for you?

    I would really appriciate any further assistance

    Thanks very much

    Orlando FL