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I got a brand new LG LCD for christmas (32LG5000) and wanted to hook up my Apple TV to it via standard HDMI.

Now the Apple TV works fine - I can see it on another LG plasma just fine, and if I go HDMI -> DVI, I can see it on a Dell monitor.

When I connect it to the new LCD TV though, it will boot up and I can see the apple logo.etc, then the Apple TV restarts (flashes amber - then white), and the TV will then just display 'invalid format'.

according to the less-than-helpfull manual that LG provided, this means its working outside of the TV's resolution. But surely the Apple TV detects the display and configures itself to whatever is required?

I've tried changing the screen resolution setting on the Apple TV on another TV and then moving it over - but it doesnt help (i'm guessing as the settings reset).

Anyone have any ideas?

Apple TV
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    Not sure if this will help but ..

    On my LG TV there are two HDMI ports. #1 resulted in "Invalid format" and #2 which is labeled HDMI/DVI worked fine without any reformatting of ATV.

    I have 4 ATV's and move one around alot and it seems to "adjust" to the TV that it is plugged into every time.