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Bertram Jacobs Level 1 (5 points)
Has anyone else experienced this:

when plugged into the car kit, the ipod 3G autoplays, preventing other applications from outputting to car audio system?

the details... plug iphone in to car kit (5v. adapter) and the ipod controls are offloaded to the head unit (bose/audi). the ipod screen on the iphone says 'accessory connected'. there is no way to control the ipod from the iphone interface. the head unit has no 'stop' command

if there are any audio files synced with the iphone they are autoplaying. which prevents pandora or what have you from using the car audio.

IF you delete all of the audio files, pandora and other apps work perfectly.

Is there a way to stop the ipod from autoplaying.... to disable the ipod without deleting the ipod music?

iphone 3g, Mac OS X (10.5.5)