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cad06 Level 1 (0 points)
The iPod cannot be synced. The required file not found" is this something i can fix? i have tried everything.

gateway, Windows XP
  • Midgenb Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi... I have the same problem and cannot find any help. Have you had any luck?
  • planb77 Level 7 (32,315 points)
    Hey there,
    I know you have said you have tried everything, so forgive me if I ask something that you have tried before. Have you tried putting the iPod into Disk Mode and restoring it to its original settings through iTunes?

  • jugglegeek Level 1 (0 points)
    Just to follow up on this, I have reset my iPod to factory settings and continue to get this message intermittently. Yesterday I was 1 for 2 on syncing attempts, but last week I had to retry several times to get it to work.
  • AllStar09 Level 1 (0 points)
    I also have this problem. I have tried everything including using disk mode and restoring the ipod. I also, removed itunes and re-downloaded the latest version. The error message I sometimes get has to do with reading a file on the "h" drive (which is how I suppose Windows sees the ipod). When I get this message it says to move the file to another location. Any clue how to do this and if it works?
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    Just a follow up to my follow up. The last time I got the h:drive message it seemed that the file had something to do with artwork (the word "artwork" was in the file name). Is this a problem with the ipod or the computer?
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    I have the same problem too. i tried restoring it and the same problem comes up. i switched into all of my diffent drives, ive restored my ipod many times, and when i think i finally fixed it i get it before i can sync my music. i have an XP and i get a message in the bottom right hand corner telling me it will not save data. can anyone help us all?!?!
  • CHALKY_04 Level 1 (0 points)
    i was wondering the same thing. i have gotten the same message. The artwork shoudnt haveanything to deal with this.
  • blindorange Level 1 (5 points)

    here's a work around for the "the required file cannot be found" problem when syncing

    go to your 'iphoto library' in pictures,

    locate your 'originals' folder

    ctrl click it and select 'create alias'

    drag your 'originals alias' folder to your 'pictures' folder.

    go to itunes with your ipod/iphone attached

    click your ipod/iphone

    select the 'photos' tab

    next to 'sync photos from' click the drop down menu

    click 'choose folder'

    find your 'originals alias' folder

    select the photos you want.

    now your ipod/iphone will now sync your photos.

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    After ringing both apple support and going into the store and getting a new ipod still the same "cannot sync ipod, the required file cannot be found" message appeared. To solve it all i did was put my ipod's usb lead into another port on my PC! YES, it was THAT simple after weeks of trying stuff out!!!!!

    PS: Just make sure that before you do this that your iPOD is fully charged before you you restore your it on this first connection, set it to sync all that you need et voila!

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    Please help. I too have the dreaded "file cannot be found'" error message. I did all the 5r's. I restored both ways, regular and from disk mode. I uninstalled/reinstalled Itunes. Started/Stopped in compupter management. Checked to see if it is running properly in device manage. Tried the "add new hardware wizard." I ran the diagnostic and it is not recognizing the Ipod. It will sync to about 900 files and then give me the error message. If I buy a new Ipod will this solve the problem? I have a 30g Ipod classic. I don't mind buying a newer model, but why spend the money if I continue to receive this message. Help, Help, Help.
  • anna332 Level 1 (0 points)
    Oh, I also tried plugging it into another USB port in the back of the computer. Still the same problems.

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    Wish I could work out how to post a new topic.
    30GB model. Replaced the battery. Same message still - Charging anyway, keeps restarting and "please wait very low battery" message. If I take it off the charger (AC) reboots and gives me the support screen.
    Any thoughts - confirmed it isn't the battery.
  • anna332 Level 1 (0 points)
    I did purchase a new Ipod Classic 120g. I did not have any problems syncing with this new Ipod. I think after 4 years of having my 30g Ipod classic it was just time to get a new one. I love the new Ipod and am so happy with the purchase, and no error message saying file cannot be found. Yipee
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    THANK YOU! This worked for me. This time I plugged the USB connection directly into the back of my iMac and it synced the first time (brand new 120 GB Classic which is replacing my 30 GB).
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