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    By the way, in reference to my BSOD problem, if it helps anyone in figuring out what the problem might be, Windows 7 installs just fine as a guest machine in Parallels. So a virtual machine runs fine, but the physical one does not.
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    +1 To mostly perfect Windows 7 install.

    32-bit on a Late 2008 MacBook. Sound/BlueTooth worked out of the box. Boot Camp Assistant 2.1 as well as a MultiTouch update installed perfectly.

    My only concern: my laptop appears to be running MUCH hotter. The fan doesn't seem to throttle up the way it should. SpeedFan reports idle temperatures ranging from 55-65 degrees Centigrade (and you must take into account that it is very cold in my house). I have yet to test it under load.

    Does anyone know of a Windows program that allows you to force MacBook chasis fan to a certain level? Or is all of this controlled on a hardware level and my system just seems abnormally hot because I was doing a lot of CD/HDD reading/writing (and I'm crazy).
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    Update: Playing Flash video causes both IE8 and Firefox 3.1 Beta to crash after a short time. There is sound cracking, visual glitches, and eventual crashing.
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    I had a perfect install too, with bootcamp 2.0 then updated to 2.1. It updated nvidia drivers automatically then.

    I also have the super heat problem, only on the left side (really hot). Some app to force fan spped would com in handy.

    MBP 15'' Early 2008

    Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm using the 64-bit version of Windows 7.

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    I have tested under load. GPU and CPU quickly climb to 90C+ in a 65F room. This is too hot for comfort in my opinion. I would not recommend doing any CPU/GPU intensive work on a Windows 7 MB.

    Perr0: have you tried playing flash video in a browser?
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    Hi Guys,

    Just to say I did a clean install of 7 ultimate (32 bit) on my macbook aluminum (late 2008) and it worked a treat. Popped the drivers CD in and it works, have no sound but im not too fussed as im just testing/playing with 7 really.

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    I think I have the solution to the 2229 error. When I installed windows 7 I choose for "regional and language" Dutch, installing bootcamp drivers gave me the 2229 error. I remebered something simular with installing bootcamp 64bit on vista and tried setting the settings back to English, United States and bootcamp installs like a charm. Hope this helps for more people

    greets Arno
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    I have a 17" core duo w/ 2GB.

    Windows 7 works great UNTIL I install the drivers from the Leopard disk. I've tried restarting right after the install and also restarting after running the Apple software update and getting everything updated (installed a couple times, yes). Both ways, once I log into my account (it's fine until I log in), the audio loops a ding noise and becomes completely unresponsive. If I don't install the Boot Camp drivers from the DVD, then it works fine - even the wireless. I don't have the fiberoptic keyboard or iSight, but it's way more usable than it is after I install those drivers!
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    Yes, I can confirm this. I changed locale to native locale of the windows 7 beta which is english used in united states. I also changed location to united states and error 2229 was history.

    Then I applied the compability mode and make it think it was being installed to windows vista. It installed everything successfully.
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    Control click and choose Troubleshoot Compatibility on the installer. Walk thru the setup question for W7.

    Boot Camp 2.x is not W7 compatible.

    You may need to delete some items, uninstall and reinstall.
    That could require Safe Boot and running msconfig to change startup items.
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    It works! perfect! thanks
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    I am having the exact same problem as you- I have a 24-inch imac with 2 gig ram, trying to install the 32-bit version of windows 7 and it gives me the same bsod (and associated reboot loop) as you.

    I have only gotten a quick look at the bsod, but it says something like it times out while resetting the display adaptor- I think there is an odd file name with an issue listed at the bottom.

    I guess there is some issue with the default windows driver for that display. Unfortunately, you can't even report the issue to microsoft because windows can't install (you have to click the give feedback link on top of any window.)
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    same issue, 24-inch iMac with 1 gig of ram, late 2006. The driver that's having the issue is nvlddmkm.sys, which is the built-in Nvidia driver in Windows 7, AFAIK.
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    Setting region from "Dutch" to "US" did te trick for me. I was able to install bootcamp 2.0 from the CD and after that 2.1 from the download.
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    I had no problems getting Windows 7 x64 installed and running. As mentioned previously, you will have to re-install the RealTek Audio Drivers to get sound to work. Everything else for me worked just fine after installing the drivers on the Leopard install disk.

    However, I have had not had much luck getting any semi-recent games to run. So far I have tried both Portal and Bioshock. Both crash after starting up. Bummer.