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im trying to copy some songs from itunes onto a flash drive so that i can put them on my laptop and from there get them onto my zune. the method i am using is dragging songs onto the desktop and then into the flash, because copying directly from itunes into the flash causes itunes to freeze up for an indefinite amount of time.
HOWEVER, after about copying 4 songs from an album into the flashdrive, it said:
The item "05 One Love.mp3" cannot be replaced because it is invisible.
i tried various ways of trying to get this song onto the flash (which can hold up to 2 gigabytes of stuff) with no avail, so i moved onto the rest of the album.
and the verdict is this- songs 5 through 11 cannot be replaced because they are "invisible".
whatever that means, i dont know because i dont want to replace the song, just copy it.
anyone have a solution to this?

mac OS X, Mac OS X (10.4.11)