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Hello fellow iPod shuffle users. Any of you run into this problem using the following configurations? Any advise/recommendations/workarounds much appreciated as I've burned 3 days on this issue and I'm still stonewalled.

I personally think it's a device driver issue/bug and am searching for a way to update my Apple iPod USB device driver for Win XP. Two brand new ipod shuffles (received for Christmas 2008) are both behaving this way, so the problem most likely points to a global software issue more-so than to shuffle hardware issue.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Driver data i/o streaming issue does not allow shuffle to sync data with iTunes after initial sync (i.e. reading the content of the shuffle is good, but writing modified content fails). Posted error message "The ipod ... cannot be synced. Required disk cannot be found". After cracking the hood on my device driver, the problem seems to point to the Apple iPod USB device driver for Win XP. Driver will recognize the shuffle and read to it, but subsequent write attempts will result in device driver balks that "this device cannot start (code 10)".

*Read All "How to Get Started Manuals" to make sure I was using the right technique for syncing my two shuffles from within iTunes... tried and failed
*Ensure only one shuffle was plugged in at a time (saw notice that two shuffles plugged in at the same time is not yet a supported config)... tried and failed
*The 5 R's as recommended by Apple Support... tried and failed.
*I've tried all 3 built in USB ports on my Lenovo T60. no love... tried and failed.
*Per discussion board: From Window's Device Manager-> Scaned for new hardware while shuffle was syncing...tried and failed.
* Per Discussion board: From Window's Disk Management -> Ensured shuffle came up as a FAT32 filesystem... connection tore down as quickly as windows recognized it.... tried and failed.
*From Windows Software config utility: Ran repair to re-install itunes 8... same results.
*From Windows software management utility: Uninstalled and reinstalled itunes 8... same results.

Hardware: IBM Thinkpad/Lenovo T60. Using build in k/b & no external mouse. Has 3 USB built in ports.
Software: Windows XP Pro SP2/iTunes 8.0.2/shuffle (2nd gen) driver 1.0.4 (same behavior using the original driver 1.0.3).
Apple iPod USB Device properties:
Driver Provider - Microsoft
Driver Date - 7/1/2001
Driver Version - 5.1.2535.0
Digital Signer - Microsoft Windows Publisher

IBM Thinkpad/Lenovo T60, Windows XP, Win XP SP II / Itunes 8/shuffle sw 1.0.4
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    Hi. Ive got pretty much the same problem.... Got a new shuffle for christmas..having real problems syncing with itunes. Funnily enough I managed to get 25 tracks on it but then it just stopped. error message says " The ipod shuffle cannot be synced. The required disk cannot be found." Ive done restore, and downloaded a reset utility thingy to try but still no joy.