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Philippe Ferron Level 1 (15 points)
Looking for advice please... my fairly new Iphone screen will not come on at all.

I did not drop it, abuse it or hit it. It was working, a coworker came to talk to me, I stopped my music and when I tried to start it again, it would not come on. I pulled out the phone and noticed when I hit the button on the headphones it would not light up screen. I tried the button on the phone but it also does not work.

A friend called me maybe 20 minutes later and Whew it came on but when we hung up, it would not longer come on after! I plugged it on the USB port a good 20 times, called myself from an internet phone and it just won't come back on, argh!

I removed the screen protector and the sleeve it's in but it still will not come on. I removed the SIM card, etc etc etc but no matter what I do there is no life on the screen. If I call from the web, it does ring but that's it.

Would anyone have any ideas for me? I have no home phone and the sim card will no longer work in my old phone leaving me phone less. I actually had to drive to a payphone to call a friend, bleh ....

I hope this is covered by warranty, the limited warranty thankfully seems to cover this since it appears to be a mechanical defect of the phone itself.

Thanks in advance,

IPhone 3G