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Hello Everyone,

I need to access the file system in my iPod for several reasons. One of which is that I had just purchased "Air Sharing", and need to know how the files are stored.

I am aware that if I "jailbreak" my iPod, this would give me access to the file system, but since it would also void my warranty, it is not an option.

I've researched the entire App Store, and can't seem to find a program that suits my needs.

I'm not looking to transfer files between my iPod and iMac, since I already have this capability. I am looking to view (and possibly edit) files located on the iPod.

This is a second-generation iPod with 2.2 software installed.

Thanks in advance!!


iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
  • Julian Wright Level 7 Level 7
    Any files copied to the device via Air Sharing are viewable in Air Sharing, so you don't need access to the whole file system just to view them.

    What files do you want to edit? I'm not sure that there are any file editors for iPod touch yet, but I guess it depends on what types of files you want to edit.

    I doubt you'll find an "official" way to access the whole file system. I'm pretty sure Apple doesn't want people doing that so that they can ensure the security and stability of the device is maintained.