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My phone only has the right half of the screen working some times then when i hit the sleep/wake button it works again. I am fine if it is not that serous but it can be annoying after a while

The one that is half grayed out is what happens to it on what side

The same happens with the keyboard and the backspace doesn't work most of the time
i tried to restore it but no help there

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    Hi music33,

    If you have a protective case on the iPhone, try testing without it.

    Try resetting or restoring the iPhone, as described in these articles:

    If the issue persists after the restore, the iPhone may need hardware repair. Make a reservation to have a Genius at a local Apple retail store take a look at it or call AppleCare.
    U.S. iPhone technical support: 1-800-MY-IPHONE (1-800-694-7466)

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    Do you think that droping it will do that to my phone. It started when I found my phone on my floor when I woke up I normaly have it charging my night stand that stands 2-3 ft above a hardwood floor??? I tried to do all sagested and has allready payed for a replacement phone and I can't afford a new one yet. Now the whole screen starting to not work like if I have two fingers on the screen toOpinchOsorryOtheOspaceOstopedOworkingOPleaseOHelp

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    Yes, dropping the iPhone may have damaged it.

    Accidental damage is not covered under the iPhones warranty but there are repair options, which are outlined here: http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/service/faq/#warranty7

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    Is it possibal to get a virus on the iPhone or touch from a opened email or transfured from a mac with that has not gotten a new leopard update in 'bout a mounth or so. I also have a problem with email that started few days before the screen stopped working saying that it cannot connect to Ian's Mac Mail because the username or password is incorrect when I go to verizon.com to check the name and password they work my father never has time to update his iphone so I have to do it for him and a lot of my content that is not on his laptop gets transfured and he has been having the same problem now for some time and my mac has showen that message box when I check my mail on my mac which is rarly. Or could it be that I am running out of RAM or just plain memery last I check today I had a little more then 1GB of space left. I also wonder that if it is repaired that the whole touch screen needs to be replaced and might be coastly and why would only half of it work most of the time I think that ether the connection between the touch sencers and the motherboard is unstable or that a softwere error has accored and needs to be ether restored from the settings in the phone or restored as new and not from a backup??
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    Should i try to down grade my software with the developer software then try then to fix it by restoring
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    It's not possible to get a virus on the iPhone.

    It can't hurt to try a restore.
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    Is that an admission of Jailbreaking?
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    The screen started working again but the keyboard still doesn't fully work in portrite mode like sending text or email only the (P) (0) (=) and the backspace butten won't work. And the developer software is not jailbreaking it is the software that the 3rd party apps from the app store are made with