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I did a registry cleanup and now when I open itunes I get a message saying I need to re-download itunes because the drivers are missing. I have downloaded itunes several times but still get the same message. I can play my music and sync with my ipod but can't download or import music to my library

Dell 4600, Windows XP
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    Could you give the exact error message? Usually driver error messages are about burning.

    Is this the message:
    +"Warning! The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for importing and burning CDs & DVDs are missing. This can happen as a result of installing other CD burning software. Please reinstall iTunes."+

    If so see this link:

    It might be worth trying a repair install first. Go to add/remove programs, select iTunes>>Change>>Repair.

    Also could you be more specific about what you can't do - is it importing from CDs? Can you add files already on your PC?

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    Yes, that is the message I get. I cannot burn CD's though I haven't tried importing from my PC. I did try "repair install" both from itunes and My Computer but I will try again as soon as I send this message.
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    If you already tried a repair install, I should go straight on to trying the method given in the link.

    There have been quite a few people with this problem and the link hasn't always worked, but it's worth trying before going on to something else.
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    I am having the same problem. On the phone with dell for 3 hours yesterday and according to them it is problem with itunes. I can burn cd's with roxio and windows media player with no problem. Got to itunes i get the same message as previous post.
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    I also attempted to do the troubleshooting fix from apple. I do not have the lower filters or the upper filters the fix states but again all my cd burning programs work except itunes.
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    It finally occurred to me that the registry cleaner program I used might have done a backup. I checked, it did and I restored and now itunes loads without the message that the drivers are missing.