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Carl Pales Level 1 Level 1
Just got the 2nd generation iPod touch. Everything works okay except for a problem with the Youtube application. Only about the first 40 seconds or so of any clip seems to want to load and play. It's as if the memory only can hold and play that much video at once.

Any solutions that would allow me to watch entire Youtube clips?

2nd Gen Ipod Touch
  • Tsugo Level 1 Level 1
    This happens quite a bit with my 2g touch. Most videos will play for about 2-3 minutes and then stop. If I check the status bar, it is no longer advancing.

    The work around I've been doing is to press the Done button to back out of the video and then select it again. I then advance the video manually to a point near where it froze. The video will continue you from that point and play until it completes or freezes again.

    If does freeze again, I exit and repeat the process.

    This doesn't happen on all videos, but it happens with surprising frequency.
  • Dynamite DJs Level 4 Level 4
    try going to settings, safari, delete your cache, history and cookies. Then reset the device by pressing and holding the home button and sleep button at the same time until you see a silver apple,while IGNORING the prompt to slide to turn off. Then try the app
  • storm7263 Level 1 Level 1
    At least you've got YouTube. Since downloading the 2.2 upgrade, I can't even get on it at all. I get a message that I "must first connect to an iTunes Internet connection. I don't get it! I feel that the new software has corrupted my itouch and I wish I hadn't installed it.

    Ne1 got ne ideas???? I've already tried restarting and resetting my itouch, but know joy. Have also lost my email settings and can't reload that either.