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Visual voice mail should give the user the ability to record and save multiple custom greetings, giving them different names, and activate/deactivate them at different times (either manually or, even better, on a schedule) without having to re-record. This would be especially helpful for business users. For instance, some users might want one greeting for days, another for nights; or one for weekdays and one for weekends; or one for when they are “on-duty” and another for “off-duty”. It seems like the visual voice mail UI is well prepared to do this – just hasn’t been implemented.

Does anyone know of any add-ins or apps that would give me this functionality. Any word whether Apple is considering including it in future releases?

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    I believe the voicemail greeting is stored on AT&T's server so this would probably need to involve AT&T. AT&T offers an answer tones service that provides for something similar to this but from a selection of music or sound bites while the call is ringing before being answered or the voicemail greeting is heard.

    I'm fairly certain there are no add ons or apps that provide for this which would likely have to work in conjunction with AT&T and their servers.

    Since this is a user to user help forum only, doubtful anyone knows what Apple has plans in this regard if anything. You can use the iPhone feedback link to provide Apple your feedback.
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    Check out <http://www.YouMail.com>... it's a free service and works well (but I don't think you can schedule times for messages to be used), although because it routes people leaving message to their system, your minutes get dinged for the time that the person is leaving you their message, which the visual voicemail built into the iPhone seems to bypass. YouMail sends your voicemails as an email with an mp3 attachment, so listening to them isn't as convenient as with the built-in voicemail. It's fun to be able to customize your outgoing message based on who is calling you, but I don't know if it's worth the loss of minutes AND retrieval convenience.