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I have a huge music library and many playlists in iTunes. Over time, I changed the names of a few of my folders (eg, from "Seventies" to "70s"). iTunes maintained links to a lot of the files, but has lost track of many more. IIf I change the folder name back to the old name, iTunes sees the lost files but loses others.

The iTunes DB is not a text file, so I couldn't edit it. I did change the file locations in the library xml file (ie, edited the document), but iTunes just changes the references back to the bad locations when I click on the songs.

Is there a way to rename a folder that contains iTunes tracks and not have iTunes lose the files or to tell the iTunes Library that the folder name has changed?

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    I do a fair amount of moving of files on my computer and don't have many problems with itunes losing locations. While this isn't telling you how to solve your problem. I can say I don't have problems and end up with the same result, so this is purely empirical evidence. I almost always have itunes open when I move my files from folder to folder. I am almost always moving files to folders with different names rather than editing the names of existing folders.