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My problem right now is that my storage setup on my 8gb iphone seems wacked. It says that I have 1.5 gb of data classified under "Other". There is 2.7gb for Audio, 2.3gb for Video, 100mb for Pictures, and 200mb for Apps. I may be missing something but it just doesn't seem like that much "Other" data is right. I haven't had my iphone 3g for long but im pretty sure I have never seen that high "Other" number until i synced this morning. I was transferring a rented movie from itunes to the iphone when itunes froze and i had to re-open and re-sync. I noticed the high "Other" number as soon as it finished re-syncing. The only thing I can think of is that itunes saved half of the rented movie transfer onto the iphone when it froze. And then in addition it copied the full movie during the re-sync. IDK. Anyone have any insight to this? Or if anyone knows how to view what data is comprising the "Other" category that would be helpful.

iphone 3g 8gb, Windows Vista