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Hi everyone,

I have a 1st gen iPod touch, and the battery life is DRAMATICALLY decreased. I have done everything (fetch manually, brightness down, wifi off, etc., etc.) and it still gets worse. I do use it a-lot, but for media, and sometimes internet (not a-lot). I had a full charge, and 4 hours later... BAM. Back on the charging dock. COMPLETELY DEAD. I know I can always send it back to Apple, pay a few bucks, and get it back (did for my brother when his died, he had a 2nd gen nano), and it will be like new. Well, a different one, but still like new. I actually wouldn't do that for 1 reason.

1.) I am the kind of person who gets WAY TOO CLOSE with his stuff. I'm attatched to my iPod, and don't want it sent away forever, never to see again.

How can I improve the battery life of my iPod? Please respond.

Thanks for reading/responding!

(Computer Broken) (Getting MacBook Pro Soon), Mac OS X (10.5.6), I'm doing this all from my 1st Gen iPod touch until I get my MacBook Pro In a few weeks) (Have an iMac that iCan't use while my parents are away,im 17
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    if you're using it for media a lot then the battery will be drained a lot more quickly than just using it for music/podcasts. i often listen to a 3.5 hour radio show via wifi using the BBC iPlayer and that pretty much kills the battery, but if i'm using it for just music/podcasts it will last at least a few days before needing a charge.

    hints i have seen for the new batteries suggest that rather than letting your iPod run down, you should keep charging it, no matter how short a period, whenever you can.
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    I'm attatched to my iPod, and don't want it sent away forever, never to see again.

    There are places other than Apple that will replace your battery. Do a little Googling.
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    Yeah, I did. I ended up getting a 2G iPod touch, as my iPod touch 1G finally died. I don't know why. It was OK there for a while. Oh well.