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I dont know what happened, but when I first got my PC with vista 64, and had itunes installed with the iphone, everything worked. 3 days ago I reformatted my drives and reinstall windows and all my programs. I got itunes working with all my music and whatnot, but when I plug my iphone in to toss music on it, itunes wont read it. Windows knows it's there, but everytime I plug it in, the lower right hand corner the "windows is installing new driver blah blah" pops up, and then get an error message saying it couldnt install the driver. I go to device manager and windows thinks it's a digital camera. I did the whole update driver with the "c:\windows\system32\drivestore\usbaapl_" thing, and I got this message:

Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

(usb icon) Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

The system cannot find the file specified."

I have been googling the crap out of this and I am at wit's end with this. I've uninstalled/reinstalled itunes, cleaned registry, wiped all apple programs from the PC, anything google told me to, hahaha. Serious, I cant find any forum or web article to help me past this point. Please help...

Custom, Windows Vista, 64bit
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    Well it actually is seen as two things. 1, a camera (when photos are on the camera roll) and as a phone for iTunes to find.

    I would first take all pics off the camera roll (thus next time you connect, if no pictures are on the camera, it won't be seen as a camera).

    I would then go make sure you have latest iTunes software (as that is where drivers for iPhone come from).

    Then connect again (since no pictures won't confuse things...though shouldn't be an issue).
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    Did that, didnt work. Soon as I plug it back in, in the lower right side of the screen the "installing driver" thing pops up in the tool bar, then 10 seconds later it says it didnt install there was an error. I have the newest version of itunes, unless they updated it in the last hour.
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    I think I got it. I've had the same problem as you and many others. I went to device manager and found iPhone under imaging devices. Here's what I did:
    Right-click -> properties -> driver tab -> update drivers (launches Hardware Update Wizard) select...
    No, not this time (next) Install from a list ... (next) Don't search ... (next) Now there should be two choices under model. Select the Apple Mobile Device. This is not digitally signed so you'll get warnings but continue. When I did this iTunes picked up my iPhone right away.