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I received my iPhone 3G about a week ago, and the wifi seemed to work fine until last night. Suddenly it would only show the "E" or "3G" logo even though I was supposed to be connected to wifi. I went to settings and it says under wifi that it is "not connected" and it will not show my network. When I try searching for my network, it says "cannot find belkin54g".

However, one time it did work, but when it connected to belkin54g, it only lasted a few seconds and would switch back to edge and 3G. I have not been able to find or even connect to it since.

I checked my routers page, and I do NOT have MAC filtering enabled, and I do NOT use any type of security or password. It is an open wifi spot that does not use a password, so for security on the iPhone I select "none".

I have reset my iphone, I have reset network settings, I have reset the router, and still I can not get wifi back on my iphone.

Could this be the 2.2 software? Everything was working fine, I have no idea what happened.