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surfinglab Level 1 Level 1
I uploaded 70 photos from my sister's MacBook Pro (now an "untitled album" on my iPhone).

I want to include them in my library file but the iTune's setting for photos tells me that I must sync all my photos and it will then erase and replace all the photos on my iPhone.

The photos are clearly on the iPhone but do not appear under device when shown on the iPhoto screen?

What to do?

MacBook Pro 17", Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • neuroanatomist Level 7 Level 7
    The iPhone is designed to sync with only one computer - content loaded via iTunes (including photos) on one computer cannot be transferred to another computer without 3rd party software (such as TouchCopy, iPodAccess, etc.).

    Alternatively, use one of the WiFi-based file transfer apps (FileMagnet, etc. - there are several) to move the pics (or just use a USB flash drive).
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    You can import photos available in your iPhone's Camera Roll only.

    Photos transferred from your computer to your iPhone is a one way transfer process only. Photos transferred from your computer to your iPhone are optimized for viewing on the iPhone, so the original resolution of transferred photos would be lost if it were possible to transfer such photos in the opposite direction. Photos transferred from your computer to your iPhone can be done with a single computer only - just as with iTunes content. When selecting photos to be transferred to your iPhone from another computer, all existing photos on your iPhone that were transferred from another computer will be erased first - just as with iTunes content on your iPhone when syncing iTunes content with another computer.
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    Hi all,

    That answered the question I was going to ask so thanks for that. I have the same issue with photos synced from a computer back home.

    However a thought occurs to me. When I plug my iPhone into my PC, up pops the usual box asking me what action I want to take. One of the options is to view the files through Windows Explorer. I'm in work right now, so I can't post the exact words and numbers, but it then takes me to the window saying something like "3 and-a-bit GB free out of 3 and-a-bit-more GB" if you know what I mean. I can then click down through the folders (of which one is called DCM I think) into a folder called Camera Roll, and then into all the pictures I've taken with the iPhone.

    It's a 16 GB iPhone, so it looks to me like Windows Explorer treats the iPhone as a large memory stick. Is this the case?

    If I were to copy a folder of photos into here would I be able to copy them out onto a different PC?

    Could I copy Word or Excel files into this folder and copy them off to a different PC

    What if I changed the file extensions on the photos before copying them onto the phone in this manner? (so the phone wouldn't realise they are photo files)

    Many thanks in advance for your answers.
  • Randy Fast Level 4 Level 4
    No, Windows does not see the iPhone as a USB drive, it sees it as a digital camera.

    The iPhone does not support disk mode or file transfers in this way like iPods do.

    When you put a folder of photos onto the iPhone you are not actually putting the files onto the iPhone. The photos are altered and made to look the best for viewing on the iPhone. They cannot be transfered to another PC because it is not the actual photo file, they will not look the same. You cannot do this with excel, word, powerpoint, or any other file either.

    You can search for third party software that may do these things, there are also a few apps in the app store that allow wireless transfer of Office documents that you can view on the iPhone.

    The iPhone syncs with one iTunes media library at a time and one only.