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i was wondering if itunes has taken more money out of your account then were suppose to??? i recently tried to update my ipod touch with the 2.2 software. when i purchased it, it would not download. so i called, apple said there servers were down, and to keep trying throughout the day. as i did. little did i know that everytime i pushed the download button (which it said if you've purchased this once the download is free) my account was charged the $10.62. They took over $150 out of my account and charged me with overdaft fees equaling around $40. now that ive relized this, and have contacted itunes via email (because they dont have phone support) they have informed me that it is not there problem and they were not going to cover them. SO, check your accounts and make sure itunes is not ripping you off!!!
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    Are you kidding me? There is no charge for iTunes or iPod software updates, EVER! THESE ARE FREE DOWNLOADS!

    You only pay for music or other things that you buy in the iTunes store/or hardware or other goodies from the Apple store.

    Where were you trying to download these updates? Was it from the Apple website?

    You should report the website that took your money to the Better Business Bureau in the relevant city (place the website is headquartered). You got robbed!

    On Edit: I just realized that you probably tried to do things via the internet with your iTouch when it wasn't connected to your computer and iTunes. What a mistake for you! Your fees are probably all internet charges from whatever provider you have a contract with. You need to discuss this ripoff with them.

    In the future, you should probably try to update your iPod Touch when it's connected to your computer/iTunes and the service is free.

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    On the contrary there was a fee associated with the January 08 update for iPod Touch / iPhone. The January Update should be included in the 2.0 software which is now available for free (I believe) so I'm not really sure what you paid for :s

    edit: Also pretty sure that the iPod touch only comes with wifi. There's no 3g or anything so I don't know what you mean by "provider" charges. There is no contract when you buy a iTouch, it's like a PSP or any other device that can pick up wifi from hotspots.

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    Are you serious? My son has an iPhone...if he had to pay a fee to update the software on his device, I'm going to be very angry! (We already pay way more than enough just for him to have phone service for this thing!) I guess I better check his credit card bill a little closer. He did have a few charges from the iTunes store on his last bill...I assumed he bought music...but, silly me, did he really pay for a software update???? WOW!

    Edit: Not owning a Touch, I just assumed you needed an INTERNET contract to make the thing work (like the iPhone). If it picks up free wireless and doesn't need a wireless contract, that's great and makes me far more interested in the device. Thanks for setting me straight.

    With regard to the OP...OH my gosh...did Apple really charge you that much money for failed downloads of a software update????

    You need to contact them for a refund. There's no excuse! Especially if the software is now (maybe) available free. WOW!

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    After poking around I see I was incorrect in assuming that the 2.0 update was free. Too bad that you have to pay to upgrade just because you bought your iTouch/iPhone earlier but I'm sure Apple has already caught quite a bit of flak for that one. As for the overcharging, all I can say is - good luck getting that that money back. As stated, for a company to take your money that way should never be tolerated and, if what you say is accurate, you should keep complaining until you get refunded. Squeaky wheel and all that....

    edit: Wow, they censor "***" here. Awesome.

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    If they really did overcharge you (and I saw quite a few posts last week where many folks saw multiple charges while the Apple servers were "bad"), then use the *Contact Us* button from this page to report it.

    Don't use the "Report A Problem" from your purchases history - it is unreliable.

    And also, contact your bank. You shouldn't be out the overdraft fees for this error!
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    I've been trying to find a contact us regarding an overcharge for about 1/2 hour now!

    Oh, yeah, I was overcharged...... they took my store credit from a gift card AND charged my account. How nice......
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    Go here : http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/store/

    Follow the instructions for getting to the Contact Us button for your topic.
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    they did the same here, took a gift card and more out of my account, u have to fight with them to get it back