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EricaDanielle Level 1 Level 1
I dropped my phone in water yesterday by accident and trying to let it dry out as much as possible.

It was only in the water for about 10 seconds. I quickly dried it as much as possible and removed the sim card. It resting in a bag of rice right now with the important parts covered with a tissue. (i'm obviously asking for a miracle). I do plan on taking it to the genius bar in hopes it will be able to be recovered.

However, if it can't be fixed, how much will the replacment be? Will I only be charged for the amount of the phone? Has this happened to anyone?

Any input is greatly apprecited!!

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  • GregF-ATL Level 4 Level 4
    This has happened to many people. If the phone is damaged beyond repair, you will have to pay the full price (non-subsidized) if you want another iPhone. I beleive the price is $599 for 8GB and $699 for 16GB.
  • judygr Level 1 Level 1
    Best wishes to you on your phone fully recovering. I did exactly the same thing within a week of buying my phone and it totally and completely recovered. I hope you experience the same recovery.
  • Thomas Emmerich Level 4 Level 4
    Apple will not repair it if it was exposed to water. There's a water exposure sensor built into the iPhone so they'll know it was exposed. The only thing you can do if it doesn't work after drying out is replace it at the prices already mentioned.
  • Andrew T. Level 4 Level 4
    Hello, And Welcome to discussions. I am sorry to hear about your iPhone condition.

    Below is a link with more information about iPhone Service, I have also highlighted some important information.


    "An iPhone is eligible for Out-of-Warranty Service if it is no longer eligible for warranty service and is determined by Apple to be repairable. If Apple determines that an iPhone is not repairable, for example, if it has failed due to liquid damage or catastrophic damage where the iPhone has been disassembled into multiple pieces then Out-of-Warranty Service is not available and the iPhone will be returned."

    Total cost to replace iPhone will be full retail value of actual iPhone cost. As stated in pricing from an earlier post.

    The $199 and $299 was a subsidized cost provided to new customers, or customers upgrading their iPhone based on the commitment terms with at&t and account standing.

    You may be able to find a service in the local town or online that does repairs of iPhone outside their warranty as well. Check with them for pricing as each service company may offer their own deals.
  • Jim VanLeeuwen Level 6 Level 6
    When it dries, take a look at the Liquid Submersion Indicators: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3302

    If you need out-of-warranty service, look at these guys.
  • Skoorbian Level 1 Level 1
    For all those who are dealing with this issue, I dropped mine 3G in the tub last week. Here's what I've learned so far...

    • *DRY IT OUT*: To quote from another thread (http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=9087025#9087025):
    "Some people have had some success placing the iPhone into a bag of dried rice or desiccant packs (which can be found in some dried food packaging). Wrapping the iPhone in a paper towel to prevent the rice from entering the headphone jack might be prudent. However, once any electronic device is exposed to a significant amount of liquid, unless the circuitry is not damaged by the initial exposure and the liquid is immediately and completely removed, there is no reliable way of reversing the effects of liquid exposure."

    • *Don't Plug it In Until Dry*: DO NOT PLUG IT INTO A POWER CORD OR TO iTUNES UNTIL IT IS FULLY AND COMPLETELY DRY. You will only fry your phone. If you can, shut it off completely.

    • *Kiss your warranty goodbye*: Water damage is not covered. And don't think you can fool Apple, either. They have special strips on your phone that indicate that your phone has been immersed. (See above responses.)

    • *Erase Your Data*: It's quite likely that once your phone is dry, it will--at the very least--still short out the battery and not hold a charge. If you can turn on your phone after a couple of days of drying, I would STRONGLY recommend that you go into your "Settings", click on "General," scroll all the way down to "Reset," and then click "Erase all Contacts and Settings." If you want to risk it, then try syncing it to your computer before doing this--but there's no guarantees that you'll be able to wipe your phone again. And if by some miracle your phone survives, you can simply re-sync your phone and put all of your data back on later.

    *Why Erase Your Data?*

    Consider my situation...

    I dropped my phone in the tub last week. After many attempts at resuscitation, it is now completely dead and beyond repair. I have two options left for me:

    1) Recycle the phone
    2) Sell it for parts on eBay, etc.
    3) Use it as a paperweight/doorstop

    Selling it would be a good option because people will actually buy it--even damaged--and I might be able to recover much of the cost for a new phone. However, all of my data is still on the phone, and all it would take is for someone to buy it, put in a new battery, and there's a good chance they'll have at least temporary access to all of my data. For you, that might not be an issue. Maybe you can just change your email passwords. But I have some business-related and personal info on there I cannot risk losing. And now, because my phone is completely dead, I am unable to wipe the memory. So I've missed my window of opportunity to sell my now-dead phone and re-coup the cost of a second one.

    Of course, there is some debate as to whether the Erase feature really does the trick. If you can erase it a couple of times, that might help. But at least it will make it more difficult for someone to crack your data.

    • *Find a 3rd Party Repair Shop*: There are other 3rd party repair places that might be able to help your phone, but its unlikely with water damage. The best place I found is this:


    They actually took my call and gave me some free advice, which boiled down to this: the new 3G iPhones are expensive too repair, and a water damaged phone might cost $700 in parts alone--so its not worth it for you to send it in for repair. Be sure and Google around about the shop's reputation. Some may be less than reputable. Others may be so busy, you won't get your phone back for a month or two.

    But if you send it in, I would still recommend wiping the data from your phone and removing your SIM card before sending it. It's just a good precaution, and will help you if you decide to sell it.

    Good luck to you. And, like I always say (now), be sure to keep your phone away from the tub and toilet.