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I have an 1TB external WD MyBook drive that is connected to my network through my Linksys wireless router and am trying to figure out how to format the drive to use with Time Machine.

I currently use the drive to store files from both my PC and my MacBook but can't seem to select the drive to use with Time Machine. I figured that I could just format the drive through the Disk Utility program, but the drive doesn't show up in Disk Utility. This may be because it is a drive connected through my router and not directly to my MacBook?!

Here are a few questions...

Any ideas on how to format the drive so it will work with Time Machine?

Once formatted to use with TM, can I still use the drive to store other files from both my Mac and PC? or do I need to partition for this??

Is it possible to set up an automatic backup schedule that will happen via my home wireless connection?

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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.3), 1TB WD External Drive
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    You cannot use the drive with TM as you have it set up. TM will not work with a networked drive except a Time Capsule or a USB drive connected to an Airport Extreme Base Station (current version.)

    If you wish to use this drive for TM backups it must be connected directly to the computer. Other computers on the network can access the drive for TM backups if you turn on file sharing for the drive (select drive, press COMMAND-I, check the box labeled "Shared Folder," click on the Enable button.) The shared drive will have to be mounted on the other computers in order for them to use it as a TM backup drive.