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Was having no issues allowing my iPhone to connect to my wireless router at home until I purchased a PS3. While attempting to set it up for online play, it would not accept my current password for my router, so I had to change it; ever since that, my iPhone, when I attempt to enable my WiFi access, it is locked and does not ask for a password; an additional problem is that now my Emac will also not access the router(it does ask for a password but does not accept it). Can't figure out how my PS3 issue could be so "destructive" to my little tech world here. Any help would be apprecitated.

IMac, Emac, iPhone (not 3G), Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Can you provide more information about your Wireless Network setup? Question list below will better help us understand the setup and possible cause for this.

    1. Manufacture and Model of Router

    2. Is the network protected by WEP, WPA, WPA 2 Personal Security

    3. Are you using Mac Address Filtering

    4. Are you using Static IP address or DHCP address

    *Things to try on iPhone and Quick tips

    -Shut down the Emac and the iPhone. emac can be shut down via apple logo. iPhone can be shut down via holding down the sleep/wake button and sliding to power off.

    -Turn emac on, check and see if it can connect
    -Turn iPhone on and check and see if it can connect

    *Turn of WiFi on both emac and iPhone

    -iPhone - Settings - WiFi - Off, wait 30 seconds turn back on and connect to WiFi

    -emac - Click on Airport icon - Turn Airport Off, wait 30 seconds, turn back on

    iPod touch and iPhone: Tips when using Wi-Fi

    Unable to use Wi-Fi with iPhone or iPod touch because there's no Wi-Fi address listed for the device
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    It is a Hawking router, model HWR54G, no longer being made, but I was emailed directions by Hawking on how to change the password. It is not just the WEP, but the next WEP option down when that little box shows. As far as I know it was WEP protected before as well, and my phone would connect with it. Now the picture of the lock stays locked and won't allow. Tried the shut down and restart, doesn't work. Really strange....
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    I think it is a DHCP, but not sure how to check.
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    If you can get either device to ask for the password. Attempt to type the password with a $ first then the rest of the password.

    Otherwise turn WiFi security off, Confirm if all devices can connect to the network with security off

    Recommended security

    WEP 128 bit with 13 character password. Which should be compatible with both the iPhone, PS3, and Emac.

    A more simple method would be power down all devices including router. Wait 5 min, Power router on first wait for it to fully boot. Power on iPhone second, see if it connects correctly. If it does Emac, and if it does then PS3.
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    Thanks, will give the powerdown option a shot, just wasn't sure how to go in and turn the security off for the connection.