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Have read articles in this forum and on others, at this stage uncertain as to whether can set component output to 1080i with success.

Have a new Apple TV linked to a Samsung HDTV monitor model HCM5525W. TV manual states can link up component input (such as a DTV set-top box) at 1080i or 480p on "Component 2" which is supposed to automatically select according to input signal.

The Apple TV works fine on the "Component 1" input which supports a DVD player at 480i or 480p.

The burning issue which battling to resolve is, from ATV cannot change the TV resolution to anything other than 480i, it has a check mark against it and will not change to any other setting, such as 480p or 1080i.

Is component on ATV set only at 480i, or is there something have missed on setting up the ATV on initial setup?

Secondly have plugged component cable into 1080i connections, powered on the ATV and then tried to sync up for the video as stated in troubleshooting, but again cannot change the TV resolution.

The Samsung HCM5525W does not have HDMI connection, only component and S-Video.

Any suggestions or have I fallen into the trap where will have to purchase a new modern TV at many $$'s, or can it be resolved.

Alternative will be to revert back to a standard much lower cost DVD player, and simply link up PC to home theatre to play back music from iTunes.

Frustrated at this stage ... but want to get the ATV to work at 1080i if possible with my setup .... ;-((

Thks and rgds,

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