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pondeb Level 1 (5 points)
When I open iTunes in my Dock, it takes at least five minutes to open. I timed it tonight. This is a fairly recent problem, maybe for the last month or so. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this could be because I have a LOT of iPhone Applications in iTunes now?

I'm also having problems with other apps on my Mac, such as iPhoto running very slow, but only iTunes takes forever to open. iPhoto opens quickly, freezes a lot while using it, and takes several minutes to close, probably due to having over 20,000 photos in it.

So I'm thinking the iTunes problem probably isn't related to the iPhoto problems.

Also, I just did an "Archive and Install" with the Leopard OS at the advice of an Apple store Genius, but it didn't fix or change anything. In fact, the Install took six hours, which I believe is longer than normal.

Does anyone know if a large amount of App store apps in iTunes can affect how long it takes to open?

Or should I be asking this question at the iPhone forum?

Thanks in advance, Deb

24" white iMac, 2.16 gigahertz, Core 2 duo, 3 GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.6), Time Capsule, iPhone Classic 8GB, WD 500 GB External Hard Drive
  • The Mimico Kid Level 6 (10,325 points)
    Good morning, Deb.

    Or should I be asking this question at the iPhone forum?

    iTunes sound like a good place to start but you've posted on the iTunes for Windows side of these boards and although for the most part we're a pretty nice bunch of people here - if I do say so myself - generally speaking you'll be better off if you post your question over on the iTunes for Mac side.

    Good Luck.
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    Hi Pondeb

    Do any other things on your computer take ages to open? How much music,videos,movies do you have?

    How much space is there left on your Computer?
  • pondeb Level 1 (5 points)
    Hello back, and thank you both for responding. I had no idea there was two separate iTunes forums. I guess I'll go post to the right one.

    I'm the only Mac user in a house of PC users, so my three guys are no help to me. Well, one of them has a Macbook, but he uses his desktop PC the most. Anyway...

    I have 50 Gigs left on my hard drive and that's only because I had to do two "Archive and Installs" on my iMac last week. That left me with over 20 gigs in two "Previous System Folders". I'm going to delete them eventually to get that space back, but my problems were happening before when I had almost 75 gigs, and are still happening now. Nothing has changed.

    My iTunes has maybe 10 gigs of stuff total, with most of it music, then maybe iPhone applications (probably 2 or 3 gigs), but only one short 45 minute video, and a couple of podcasts. Nothing else. I'm a middle aged mom, so I'm not much into iTunes except for my iPhone stuff.

    So, I'm confused by iTunes reluctance to open, but will go post on the Mac iTunes forum.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to me!

    Greatly appreciated... Deb
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    I have the exact same problem. I'm really waiting for the next upgrade because I have a feeling it will fix it. Otherwise I'm not too sure why it takes like mins for it to load and I can actually play music. If anyone know how to fix this please post on here thanks!
  • pondeb Level 1 (5 points)
    My problem all along was due to a dying hard drive. Once it was replaced by Apple, everything was back to normal. Better than normal.

    Thanks everybody!