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Daniele Boggi Level 1 (15 points)
Hi, I recently left my MacBok Pro on the floor and it got trodden on (the MacBook was open and it got trodden on in the bottom left hand side zone on the keyboard/mouse pad section) by accident and since then it has slowly become worse and worse to use the mouse pad. Its now got to the stage where if I lean on the left and sometimes on the right hand side of mouse pad whilst using navigating it will actually select something on the screen without me even clicking the mouse pad button!!
Also, the button itself doesn't click like it use too. I know this sounds weird but now all I have to do is just touch the pad lightly and it makes a selection! It justs makes working on my MacBook Pro impossible now!!
Can anyone suggest anything? Should I try opening up the Mac myself or would it just be best to take it somewhere to get it repaired? I have had my MacBook Pro for nearly 2 years.
Does anyone know what kind of price I would be looking at to get something like this fixed? Does anyone know a good repair shop in Central London?
Also, I do all my internet banking/home accounts etc on my Mac, if I took it in to be repaired how would I know that all my data would not be accesed?
Sorry for all the questions!
Please help me!!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.10)