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I have been waiting forever for The Dark Knight movie to be available for rent and finally it is. I went in to itunes yesterday and rented it. It started downloading and about 3 hours later it was almost complete when the description changed from downloading to processing file. Then an error message popped up stating, +"We could not complete your itunes store request. An unknown error occurred (-42110). There was an error in the itunes store. Please try again later."+ I tried to resume the download a couple of times and the same error appeared. The final time it timed out.

Figuring itunes was down or something, I left it alone. This afternoon I went in to resume again hoping the problem had somehow resolved itself, but the same error message is still coming up. I downloaded a few movies just a couple of days ago and everything worked fine.

Side note: I have AVG, but lately Norton has been installing on its own from a source I cannot figure out. I checked to see in add/remove programs and sure enough, it was frickin installed again! I removed/uninstalled it, but the itunes problem still persists. Also, itunes is currently up to date.

I've waited so long for this movie! I can't stand that I'm still waiting...its so frustrating! Any help anyone can give is much appreciated! Thanks!

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