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I recently got a laptop,and a new iPod. I would like to have my new iPod only have certain songs on it,so I would need to create another account,so it just has thosee songs,so I don't need to keep unchecking,and checking songs everytime I plug in a different iPod. So my question is can I access my current iTunes account on my laptop,and move songs into my new iTunes account. I know how to do it on one computer,but not from a totally different computer.

iPod Classic 80GB, Windows 2000
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    By iTunes account do you mean an iTunes Library? An iTunes account is what you use to purchase music from the store. If you want to move purchases from one iTunes library to another you can use your iPod and iTunes: Copying iTunes Store purchases from your iPod or iPhone to a computer

    Other songs can be moved any way you wish and added to the library on the second computer, put them on an external drive or a memory stick depending on how much or how little you want to transport over. You can also copy non purchased songs directly from and iPod, there are a number of third party utilities that you can use to retrieve the music files and playlists from your iPod. You'll find that they have varying degrees of functionality and some will transfer movies, videos, photos, podcasts and games as well. You can read reviews and comparisons of some of them here:
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