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Hi, I've got a problem.

I'm trying to upgrade my Windows OS into SP3. If I recall right, I need to perform the install as an Admin; if not, I still have this issue when entering Window's Safe Mode.

1. I can't enter in my Admin password, because the keyboard isn't recognized.
2. The trackpad doesn't function at all (but my mouse does).

What do I do???

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Microsoft XP SP 2 via Boot Camp v1.4 (Beta)
  • kdd25 Level 2 (255 points)
    Maybe connect a USB keyboard to your mac.

    If you recall when you installed windows you had to install appropriate drivers to run your keyboard, speakers, trackpad...etc.. When you boot into safe mode on Windows, it only loads the necessary WINDOWS drivers, thus not running your keyboard and trackpad drivers, thus resulting in them not working.
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    Odd, I didn't seem to have this problem in earlier versions of Boot Camp...

    There just has to be another way...
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    All right! I found a solution ^_^!
    I reformatted again after some driver issues occured outside of Safe Mode.

    I got out my Logitech SetPoint CD (good thing I bought that new mouse a few days ago), installed it in Windows (knowing that at least my Mouse would be recognized), and waited to see what Safe Mode would do.

    It recognized EVERYTHING. TrackPad, internal keyboard, and the [new laser] mouse.

    This solution may not work for everyone else, but it worked for me. So funny sometimes how things can just fall together and aid in solving unexpected problems.

    If anyone else is having this problem, I recommend purchasing a Logitech device (i.e. mouse, keyboard, etc.). They should be bundled with an installation CD (please check for it). Even if you don't need the device, it may really come in handy. Others may have other [perhaps least expensive] means of getting the software, and I'll leave that up to them.

    This mouse is the first thing I've ever purchased from Logitech, and I think it's turned me into a loyal user of their products!

    Thanks all for your help!