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In Safari on my ipod touch, when I go to bookmarks I have Bookmarks Bar at the top, and then other folders and bookmarks. When I hit edit to delete bookmarks, it won't let me delete bookmarks bar. How do I get rid of it? I think I chose sync bookmarks with safari at one time but now I'd rather not and I have it unchecked but it still won't go away.

macbook - white, Mac OS X (10.5.5)
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    Do you meant the light blue bar that says 'Bookmarks' and also includes the 'Done' button?

    If so, you can't delete it.

    You CAN delete/edit individual bookmarks.
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    No, I'm talking about a bookmarks folder that I think came from syncing with Safari. At the top it says Bookmarks and Done, yes. Then it has a folder called History, which obviously you can't delete. Then the next two folders are Bookmarks Bar and Bookmarks Menu, and those are what I'd like to delete.
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    You've tried:

    Edit a bookmark or bookmark folder: Tap , choose the folder that has the
    bookmark or folder you want to edit, then tap Edit. Then do one of the following:
    To make a new folder, tap New Folder.
    To delete a bookmark or folder, tap the red minus sign icon, then tap Delete.
    To reposition a bookmark or folder, drag the 3 horizontal lines icon.
    To edit the name or address, or to put it in a different folder, tap the bookmark or folder.
    When you’re finished, tap Done.


    Sync bookmarks with your computer:
    1 Connect iPod touch to your computer.
    2 In iTunes, select iPod touch in the sidebar.
    3 Click the Info tab, select “Sync … bookmarks” under Web Browser, then click Apply.

    ... and then deselect “Sync … bookmarks” under Web Browser, and then click Apply.

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    Yes, I've tried that. When I click on edit, I get red minus signs next to all the folders and bookmarks except those two.
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    I still haven't been able to figure this out. I've taken a screenshot so you can see what I'm talking about. See how the red minus sign does not appear on the top two folders? Any ideas?

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    Here is the easyest way to do this on a Windows XP machine.

    1. Set your default Browser on your PC to Internet Explorer

    2. Go to the folder called C:\Documents and Settings\<yourloginname>\Favorites

    3. Copy everything in the Favorites folder to another folder

    4. Delete everything in the Favorites folder (DO NOT OPEN IE after this or it will create a new Links folder which you will need to delete)

    5. Sync your iPhone using the settings to sync Bookmarks from IE and check the Replace Bookmarks checkbox also.

    6. Disable the syncing of bookmarks in iTunes after this.

    7. If you had Favorites on your PC in step 3. copy them back to the Favorites folder.

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    Ok well I am on a mac.

    No one has any other ideas?