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How do I transfer my itunes account to a new computer?

Ipod classic, Windows XP
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    By iTunes account do you mean your iTunes Library and your music, an iTunes account is what you use to purchase music from the store. you can access an account from iTunes on any computer by logging into the store and proving your account name and password.

    If you want to move your library and music probably the most straightforward way to is to network the two computers together and copy your iTunes folder across. Start by consolidating your library. When you consolidate, any songs in the iTunes Library that are not in the iTunes Music Folder are copied to the Music Folder and the Library is updated to point to those new files. Files already in the iTunes Music Folder have no changes made to them: Consolidating your library - Windows

    Copying the whole folder brings with it the iTunes Music folder and also the iTunes Library (iTunes Library.itl in Windows) database file which holds all the information about your songs (Playlists, Ratings, Play Counts, Last Played, Date Added, etc). You'll get more information including the Folder/File structure in this article: What are the iTunes library files?

    When you copy the iTunes folder make sure you put it into the default location on the new computer. On a PC this is \Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\My Music\ (or C:\Username\Music\ in Vista). You should also use the same version of iTunes on both computers.

    You can also use this method with an external hard drive, you drag the folder from the first computer to the external drive and then from the drive to the second computer.

    If you have and iPod, some iPods can be used as an external drive and you can use them to move your iTunes (this option isn't available with the iPod Touch): How to use your iPod to move your music to a new computer

    Once you have copied everything over hold down the Shift key in Windows when opening iTunes. In the resulting dialogue you will get the option to create a new library or navigate to an existing one. Navigate to where you placed the copy of the library file and open it up: How to open an alternate iTunes Library file

    If you have any iTunes purchases in your library don't forget that you'll need to authorise your new computer to play them. Also if you are disposing of the old one remember to deauthorise it so you don't use up one of your allowances: About iTunes Music Store Authorisation and Deauthorisation
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    Yes, I want to transfer my itunes library and music to a new computer.