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I was opening iChat, when i noticed that a question mark had appeared over the app. This HAS happened before, and i took it in to the Apple store and they reinstalled the software. What I need to know is, if there is anything I could to to solve this problem from home (if that is possible) and why this keeps happening. Please note that no one is deleting my apps and that my computer came with iLife installed, so there is no disc software I could reinstall. Also, the app is NOT in my finder so I am not simply missing it from my dock. The problem is not as bad as it was last time, as i had been missing 5-6 apps, but I would still like to resolve this problem.
Thanks- L.C

Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    You don't have a Mac OS 10 installer disk? You should have gotten one when you bought the computer. Assuming that you do, there is an "optional installer" package. In Tiger, iChat was one of the applications that you could reinstall from the optional installer package. I don't know off the top of my head if that is the case anymore for Leopard or not. I can't find an apple knowledge base article for this for Leopard, but one for Tiger is here. If they still let you reinstall iChat from the optional installer package, the procedure should be very similar.
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    Yes, you have a point, but, the last time this problem occurred I tried doing so to no avail . The people at the genius bar also tried doing so with the install CD, but that didn't work. They had to bring out a different machine to fix the problem. I can try doing this myself, with the install CD, but Im not so sure it will work as it didn't the last time.
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    hmmm, well, if you do, I'd also boot up from the installer disk, and once you get to a point in the install process that you have a menu bar across the top of your screen, go into Utilities and launch Disk Utility and repair disk and repair permissions (do not continue the reinstall), then reboot and try the optional install. IF that doesn't help, I'd take it back to the genius bar and find out exactly what they did
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    Are you aware of this ?

    10:56 PM Thursday; January 8, 2009
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    I am having the same problem - question marks showing up on dock icons. It happened the first time on 2/25 with Mail. Dragged icon off the dock, poof gone, not in HD Applications Folder. Apple Store said call Apple Care, walked through optional reinstall. Mail app fixed. Now question marks on other dock icons appear randomly and go away. Last night question mark over Safari icon. It didn't go away. I moved it off the dock, poof and gone from HD App Folder. Yes, I can do a reinstall as before.

    Still, why is this happening? Is it a Hardware problem? A Software problem?

    We bought this iMac late July 09.
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    First do a Repair Permissions using Disk Utility.
    This is found in Applications/Utilities
    Select your Hard Drive by the Boot name
    Select the first Aid tab on the left
    Select the Repair Permissions button bottom left of that right hand pane.

    This will take several minutes.

    If this does not sort it then do a PRAM reset.
    This involves shutting down the computer and restart holding down APPLEALT+PR keys all at the same time until you have heard three start up bongs

    2:53 PM Sunday; March 22, 2009
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    i went into the apple store, and they basically reinstalled everything. They said something is wrong with my laptop that causes it to delete apps and such.
    thanks for the help.
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    I would go into the apple store and check it out. they said my mac may have a hardware issue, and maybe yours does as well considering what happened is similar. I bought my mac in december 08 and it has had many issues and still continues to have them. The best thing to do is have them check it out and see if they can fix anything. What i AM worried about is that my computer may just CRASH deleting important files, so i am getting an external hardrive, and if your mac starts to have serious problems, this is a good idea if you dont have one already. I dont know why the macs are acting this way. I have asked others, and they dont experience problems such as these, so i am really unsure why it happens to mine.
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    I fixed Mail by inserting Install Disc 1, going to optional installs, selecting arrow next to Applications, list appeared, checked box next to Mail, signed in and installed.

    No further problems with Mail BUT now Safari has done the same thing twice. I have followed the above method selecting "Safari" instead of Mail.

    Also, spoke with Apple Care. I had to insist they help me not sell me the service plan which I will buy at the end of July when this Mac will be a year old. They suggested running a Hardware Test using Install Disc 1 , holding the"D" key on restart. Supposedly I was to run this overnight as it was to take a long time. It was done in 30 minutes. Screen message was didn't detect any hardware issues.

    Until about 10 days ago all was well,then Safari showed up on the dock with the ?mark again over its icon.

    I just reinstalled and am considering running this Hardware Test again.

    Any thoughts? Are other people having iMac issues? Should I bring it into the Apple Store?

    Thanks in advance,
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    As this has been going on much longer than one month I would take it to the Store.

    8:25 PM Wednesday; May 6, 2009

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    Im sorry i actually bought mine in december 07. So far it hasn't happened again, but my applications do lag and have problems. If it happens again, or even if it doesn't, bring it in and have them check it out. Some of the employees will be clueless and tell you to do something at home. This happened to me when going in to fix the problem, and i didn't have the software needed. So, find a really good employee that answers your questions, or look for someone who seems to have experience working with customers that have problems, and request them the next time you have a problem of the same sort. This can really help you get in and out of there quicker.