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El Deanio Level 3 Level 3 (745 points)
I tried to send an email to my workstation at work.

I got the error maessage *"Cannot send Mail - An error occurred while delivering this message"*

I press 'ok' to clear the message but it immediately comes back and I find that my email gets through to my work PC alright but it keeps on coming through every few minutes. The iPhone must have sent this message to my PC at work about 50 times by now.

I find that I can't get the iphone to stop sending the email unless I manually delete the message from my Outbox.

Is this a bug?

PowerMac 6500/300 (603e) MacOS 9.1: eMac 1.25hz G4 MacOS 10.4.10:, Mac OS X (10.5.6), iMac 24" 2.8ghz G6 Intel 750gb HDD, MacOS 10.5.6
  • DaVBMan Level 6 Level 6 (9,265 points)
    Shouldn't happen, but anytime you have a problem with an app acting weird, FORCE it closed (as just hitting and releasing the home button doesn't really force close an app that is acting up).

    So, next time, when in the email app (or any app for future reference), press and HOLD the home button...forget how many seconds, but it will eventually go to home screen then you can release. This forces closed the app and next time you open it, it will restart from scratch in memory.

    Could just be a bug that just needs the mail app restarted.
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    I just had this same issue tonight! This has never happened before and I have been an iPhone user for quite some time now... it shocked me when it happened. Ever since the 2.0 software and downloading apps I have had issues with the downloaded apps, but that is to be expected. I have never had any issues with email.

    Mine did exactly the same thing you are describing. I forced the email to close and the would go back in to see if it sent and look to see if the person responded to the email. Everytime it would pop up the same error. I didn't realize what it was doing until I finally got a response email that said "QUIT SENDING ME THE SAME EMAIL! I GOT IT!!!!!!". hahaha! So then I decided after about 4 times of doing this, to power off the phone and then back on. The weird part wasw when I powered it back on and the screen came up like when you first activated the phone, with the iTunes logo showing to plug the phone in to sync and then the slide bar to turn it on in emergency mode. So I powered off again and then back on again... it took a few seconds and then the home screen came up and then a message that said the iPhone is now activated. Well, I should hope so..............

    Anyways, it is very strange. I don't have any idea what this is all about, but the phone is ok now. The email recipient said that they received 50 copies of the email. Hopefully it stops for good now.