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Hi. I purchased a new Windows-based laptop and am trying to set up iTunes on it. I am planning to use it as my main iTunes machine. The problem is that I've got all 5 authorizations already used up and I am unable to deauthorize all machines because apparently there is a once per year limit and I did it once already last summer (I remember experimenting with it to see how it would work - I don't remember any warnings about only being able to do it once per year). The problem is that we have a lot of computers in our house and not only do I not know which ones are authorized, but also some of them are in pieces, now, and they may have been authorized at one point when they were still working. I would like to know how to deauthorize any machine without actually sitting at it and typing on it. There has to be a way. It is too easy to authorize a machine and then have it sit around forever on your account.