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I transferred my files last night from my MacBook to my new IMac using Migration Assistant.  The process took over night.  My applications show up, however I can't find any of my files.  After reading some of the forums, I realize both of my computers have the same account name, and that sounds like that may be the problem. Any idea where the files could be since I did this?

MacBook to IMac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    did you choose to transfer all user accounts as well as the applications during the migration? Migration assistant specifically asks you what you want to transfer. if you did transfer the accounts then you have to log in as a migrated user to see the transfered files. so log out of your current user and log into the migrated user.
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    Thanks for your response. Jeez, i tranferred the wrong account, that was essentially empty, and that's why none of my files showed up.