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austin m Level 1 (125 points)
I've been using FCP with spaces for a while and when i have the log and capture/transfer window open and i'm in another space (say browsing the web while a tape is capturing) if i get some kind of warning dialogue while in another space, sometimes i'm not able to get back to the dialogue to hit "OK" and it gets lost between spaces or behind things and can't be found again. which in the cause of the L&C window you lose the ability to quit the application, and I end up having to Force quit FCP to regain control.

any way to keep the dialogues on top of everything, i set my systemevents.app from core services to be available in every space, but i'm not sure that's working.

PS - in trying to search for other "spaces" related posts the search wouldn't return just "spaces" even when i use double quotes as it specifies.

2.8 dual quad macPro, Mac OS X (10.5.6), 7GB ram x1900 FCS 2 1TB RAID 0