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I get frequent alert from Photoshop CS4 regarding display driver -asks to check for driver update. NVIDIA offers no OSX support & can't find anything from Apple. I have NVIDIA GeForce 6600 - ROM is 2149, Revision ID is: 0x00a4. It does say "no display connected" I have 30" Cinema display - G5 4x2.5Ghz - 10.4.11

I have no other display issues other than the CS4 alert

I see also that CS4 prefers 128Mb of vram -my GeForce has 256Mb -any chance of adding ram?


Power PC G5 4x2,5 GHz, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Nvidia GeForce 6600 - Cinema 30"
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    Obviously I made a numerical error concerning the VRAM -so ignore that question

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    Adobe's system requirements for Photoshop indicate that some effects require OpenGL 2.0, and OS X 10.4.x only supports the 1.x specification of OpenGL on PowerPC machines. With OS X 10.5.x, OpenGL 2.0 support was added for the modern cards on PowerPC machines.

    Do the alerts say anything about OpenGL?
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    The Adobe alert says:
    "Photoshop has encountered a problem with the display driver, and has temporarily disabled GPU enhancements. Check the video card manufacturer's website for the latest software.
    GPU enhancements can be enabled in the Performance panel of preferences."
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    I'm having the exact same problem with my PPC G5 (GeForce 6600LE) OSX10.4.11
    It's strange because about half of the time PS CS4 launches without a hitch. When I get the warning I can manually turn on the GPU features in the performance preferences, after which all the features work except "bird's eye" zooming.
    It would be nice if I didn't have to change the preferences every time though. . .

    I can't find any mention of the issue on Adobe or Nvidia websites.

    Perhaps an upgrade to 10.5 would fix it.
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    I may have spoken too soon. . .

    try solution #2 on this page ---->
    It might not enable all OpenGL functions, but at least PS should stop giving us error/warning messages.

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    So, does this mean that I must install seemingly shaky Adobe plug ins in order to hopfully use GLU features of CS4 on my G5, or do these plug ins disable the features ("DisallowOpenGLWindows")?

    Does Apple actually have separate driver updates available for the video cards it puts in the computers it sells? A search of the Apple site does not pull anything up for me.

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    Does Apple actually have separate driver updates available for the video cards it puts in the computers it sells?

    All drivers are integrated into OS X.
    If there are driver updates necessary, Apple typically issues them with OS updates. Occasionally, drivers alone, are updated, but that is not common.
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    10.4.11 combo update is it, other than upgrading to 10.5.6 (which does now come on DVD).



    OpenGL is normally better on OS X with ATI than it has been with Nvidia, no?

    Graphic drivers (on Mac Pro) in Leopard have been just plain "trash" and no one is very happy with the offerings, cards or drivers, way way too many issues with 'tearing' and other artifacts. Enough to drive you crazy.

    The Nvidia 8800GT is not satisfactory for many. There is a retail only ATI 3870 (and there were some OEM versions never sold directly that OWC grabbed and sold out). And those are not today at the top of the game and no idea if or what the future will hold.


    NVIDIA Quadro CX boosts Adobe CS4

    * Encode your H.264 videos at lightning-fast speeds with the NVIDIA® CUDA™-enabled plug-in for Adobe Premiere® Pro CS4.
    * Accelerate rendering time for advanced effects.
    * Accurately see what your deliverable will look like with 30-bit color or uncompressed 10-bit/12-bit SDI before final output*.

    And for 'only' a cool $2K (but not Mac compatible firmware) too
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    So if my G5 is already at 10.4.11, then presumably the driver is as good as it will get.

    Short of buying a new graphics card, or a new Mac (not that I wouldn't love to do that someday...<g>), does this mean that there is no way for me to run the GPU functions in CS4? It looks like the plug ins disable the GPU functioning, which I can do myself (or CS4 seems to be doing it now itself) in preferences, so there seems to be no reason to install them, or am missing something here?

    Or maybe Adobe will come up with a solution in Photoshop 11.1.


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    I too have the same error happening.

    I have:

    GeForce 6600 256MB
    2x 20" Monitors

    *is anyone at apple working on this?*

    I don't plan on getting new hardware or software for another year... if the IT guys continue to have issues with our MACs they're going to change the design departments all over to PC's next year.