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BallyhooBlaze Level 1 Level 1
Have a G4 MDD dual 1.25Ghz with 768MB DDR SDRAM.
I have a Maxtor external hard drive and a WD portable external hard drive. Both of them will randomly disconnect (and sometimes reconnect almost immediately), giving me the 'You disconnected and external drive without ejecting' warning. Usually happens when the computer has been inactive for a while, it never happens while I'm using it actively. Both drives are connected through a third party USB 2.0 PCI card from CompUSA. I have other things hooked up through this card (iPod and printer) and don't have any problems with them, just seems to be hard drives.

PowerMac G4, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • Thomas Bryant Level 6 Level 6
    Hi! Make sure the power settings aren't set to let hard drives sleep. Otherwise it's likely a power supply issue with the drives. Tom
  • BallyhooBlaze Level 1 Level 1
    Assuming you mean the 'put hard disks to sleep' option under the energy saver menu in system preferences? If so, I've tried with that checked and unchecked so that's not it. Sounds like maybe a crappy USB2.0 PCI card that I got then that isn't keeping the externals powered up?
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    I'm having this exact same problem! I have a seagate hard drive in an external enclosure that will intermittently disconnect and immediately reconnect. My first thought was that it was a problem with the enclosure (the hard drive itself works fine, I was using it internally in my PC for about a year), but when attached to XP and Vista systems the drive stays connected with no problems.

    If anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated!