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My problem is that I can't print because I cannot set up my account tracking authentication. I do not have a 'securities' pulldown in my printers 'installable' options.' The only pulldowns I have are...

'Paper Sources'
'Punch Kit'
'Saddle Kit'
checked box for 'Printer HDD'
unchecked box for 'Duplex Unit'

The driver that I installed (Mac OS 10.5.x - Drivers -Postscript Drivers-Version 3.1.4) was recovered from this website, it is located on the lower quarter of the page:

http://onyxftp.mykonicaminolta.com/download/SearchResults.aspx?productid=831&fil etypeid=0

I had previously installed the wrong OS driver for this printer, but I believe I have successfully deleted all remnants of that install because when I installed the OS 10.5 driver, additional options were available in the installable options menu, yet none of them were the securities option needed to set up an account track profile.

Any suggestions or specific places where I can find a proper driver, or perhaps get account track to work with the options I have available?

Thank you to anyone who even got through this entire post,


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Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.5), Bizhub c250
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    We have a similar feature with our Canon iR copiers, called Department ID Management. The section where the user can enter their ID/pwd is under a menu item called Special Features. However, you cannot manually make the feature appear. It is not something you can tick via the printer queue 'Options & Supplies' tab. Instead, the queue needs to be correctly configured in order for the Canon driver software to communicate with the printer to determine that the feature is enabled. Maybe you have a similar feature?

    I downloaded the KM C250 105.pkg a couple of weeks ago for another postee. I don't have it with me here at home, but I remember there being two folders that were copied to the KM folder (in ./Library/Printers/). One was a filters folder and the other was the PDEs folder, which contains the plugins for the extended features provided by a driver. It is possible that the pane that lets you enter your account info will be located in this folder. I can check this when I get back to work.

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    thanks for getting me on track...indeed one of those plug-ins is labeled 'security.plugin'

    how do I install this to the printer? do I select it as the driver when I add the printer?
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    i apologize for blatantly bumping this topic but does anyone know how to install a '.plugin' file?
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    Managed to check the driver this morning (sorry for the delay, was out of the office yesterday). I created a printer queue using the C250 driver and as you said, on install you are prompted to select several finishing options, but nothing about using the security feature. However, when I then selected to print a document, the Security menu was present in the print dialog, appearing at the bottom of the other extended features of Finishing, Quality and Setup.

    I then changed the setup of the driver options and disabled the HDD setting, thinking that maybe the feature does not appear if no hard drive is in the printer, but even with this setting disabled, the Security menu was still present.

    So, I haven't been able to stop the Security menu from appearing in the print dialog. And in response to your question, there is no way of adding a plugin to your print dialog. The print dialog extended features appear because they are listed, or enabled, in the PPD for the printer. When a user selects that feature in the print dialog, then the PDE plugin is called by the print system.

    Looking at the C250 ppd, shown below, you can see that the Security feature is listed as a dialog extension, the same as the other three you see in the print dialog.

    *APDialogExtension: "/Library/Printers/KONICAMINOLTA/C250/PDEs/KONICA MINOLTA C250 Finishing.plugin"
    *APDialogExtension: "/Library/Printers/KONICAMINOLTA/C250/PDEs/KONICA MINOLTA C250 ImageLayout.plugin"
    *APDialogExtension: "/Library/Printers/KONICAMINOLTA/C250/PDEs/KONICA MINOLTA C250 Setup.plugin"
    *APDialogExtension: "/Library/Printers/KONICAMINOLTA/C250/PDEs/KONICA MINOLTA C250 Security.plugin"

    So, at this stage I cannot see why your print dialog would not be showing the Security plugin. What protocol did you choose when you added the C250 printer queue?

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    Thanks for your help on all of this. All plug-ins are now active. Problem was with windows server that the printer was on. Your tips lead to the solution...thank you
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    I just figured out the problem with a similar issue where I had installed the newest driver but the Security option still wouldn't show up. After several hours of messing with it I finally restarted the web browser I was trying to print from and everything worked!
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    also to add...

    it is stated on the internet that the 'security' pull down where account track is located should show up as a installable option for your printer when you select the print driver...it does not show up there and never will. Instead it shows up where PAHU says it is. You must file>print the document and then the securities option will be available within another pulldown in the print options window.
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    I too have a school with the Bizhub C250 and am trying to set up printing from a MacBook with 10.5.6 installed. Found the right printer driver, am able to set the user and password in the security settings. However, whether I choose "Print" or "Secure Print", the job history on the BizHub says the job came from a user that is not authenticated. Stumped at this point. I've tried every conceivable combination and am getting nowhere. Windows users that I set up are printing fine.