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I have no voicemail in my phone plan, but i can't cancel voicemail on the iphone. The call icon(green) has the red notification dot in the top corner of the icon. The voicemail icon also diplays the same red dot. I am unable to set up the voicemail(because it is not with my plan)but it asks me to set up my account every time. Is there anyway to cancel this so the icons dont show notifications?

latest iphone model, Other OS
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    Visual voicemails are downloaded to the iPhone via the cellular network only - which is via the cellular data or internet network. I don't believe you can disable visual voicemails being downloaded to your iPhone by not having a data plan with your provider - there isn't a separate data plan and visual voicemail plan for the iPhone. If you don't have a data plan with Rogers for your iPhone, have you also requested that data access be disabled for your account/line?
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    my data is blocked with my provider. when i hit the voicemail icon on the phone i am forced to set up and save a password. After the password is entered and I hit save, a voicemail error message comes up and says to try again later. The screen returns to asking me to set up a voicemail account.
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    If data access is blocked for your account/line, I don't believe you can set up a password for your voicemail access with Rogers from your iPhone, but you will have voicemail access the old fashioned way by calling to check and access your voicemail, where a password is required for access. Having data access blocked for your account/line should prevent visual voicemail messages from being downloaded to your iPhone, but this may not prevent a notification that you have a voicemail available - which are stored on Rogers servers.

    Are you able to access your voicemail now the old fashioned way by calling?