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I recently had a problem with my iPhone not pulling in anything that was updated in Outlook 2007 / MobileMe. Everything is fine when I sign into MobileMe and has been, but none of that information has been getting "Pushed" out to my iPhone since 2.2 came out. I've read a number of other posting about this and I finally just decided to stop syncing my Calendars and Contacts so that everything would be updated on my iPhone. Well, now my Calendars are fine, and when I open the ontacts App, everything is there. BUT, when I click on my contacts in the Phone App, it's Empty! Notta! My number is listed at the top, and my recent calls are all up to date and have the contact names listed. I've tried a hard reboot, but still nothing. This is SO odd! Why would my contacts be listed correctly in the Contacts App, but then be TOTALLY EMPTY in the Contacts section in the Phone App??? HELP!

G5 / HPd6150 / 16Gb First Generation iPhone, Windows Vista
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    UGG! I just did another Hard Reset and now everything is up to date in both the Contacts App and in the Contacts Section of the Phone App, but now I'm back to not having them update when I make a change in MobileMe or Outlook 2007. I can make a chane in Outlook and it does still get updated to the MobileMe cloud. Lame.
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    Still unable to Sync anything from MobileMe cloud to iPhone. All data (Calender/Contacts) in Outlook is successfully syncing with MobileMe Cloud, but none of that data is syncing with my iPhone. I can always Unsync/Resync my iPhone manually, but this defeats the purpose of what the Software is supposed to be doing, and for what I'm paying for it to do...

    Anyone else having a similar situation or problem?
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    It seems as though my Calendars and Mail are syncing perfectly. My Contacts are not being synced with my iPhone, only through MobileMe to and from the Cloud to my PC running Outlook 2007. Everything seems to be fine, accept that none of the contacts are being sent to or from my iPhone. I have tried unsyncing / resyncing my Contacts on my iPhone and it does pull down all of my updated contacts. In iTunes, under in "Info" Tab, it also lists my Contacts and Calendars as being synced over the Air through MobileMe. BUT, the fist time I power off / on my iPhone, and then plug it into my PC, in iTunes, it only lists the Calendars as being synced across via MobileMe, not the Contacts. I have tried a restore as well, and this issue has continued.