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Hello All

Today I was prompted to install 4 upgrades which I accepted.

When the install progress bar appeared it showed a small amount of progress and then sat for ages doing nothing until I switched the machine off.

When I restarted I discovered that the updates were:-

MacBook EFI Firmware Update 1.3
Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.4
Safari 3.2.1
Mac OS X Update 10.5.6

so I was probably lucky that I still have a working machine!

As far as I remember there was no warning that the updates included a firmware update.

I deselected the firmware update and tried again with the same results.

Is anyone else having problems with these updates?

I'm new to Apple Mac having only bought this one in December. I see from the update log that there have been several successful updates so far.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


13" Mac Book