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Would someone with some advanced web knowledge please try this and explain to me what is going on here:

Launch Safari. Close all Safari windows, but don't quit the app.
Go into Safari > Preferences.
Click on advanced.
Click on "Show Cookies."
Click the "Remove All" button, then confirm by clicking "Remove All" again.
Leave the cookies window OPEN. Do not open any new Safari windows or navigate to any web pages. Just let Safari sit idle like this for 10-30 minutes.
...OK... wait for it...
Eventually, a cookie called "PREF" will spontaneously appear in your cookies window! It points to ".google.com" and expires in 2 years.

I thought cookies were only set by web pages that *I request*. How can Google just decide to send me a cookie when I have not requested any web pages at all? Isn't that a little... um, intrusive?

Also, my Safari preferences are set to "ONLY ACCEPT COOKIES ONLY FROM SITES I NAVIGATE TO." I haven't navigated to google.com, or anywhere else for that matter, but Safari is accepting this cookie. Why?

Any input would be appreciated.

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