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My iPhone won't charge at all. I plugged it into the computer and let it go for 3 hours, which usually does the trick, but no charge! So, I plugged it into the wall. Nothing. The removed the base and plugged the cord directly into the phone. Still nothing.

The phone recognizes it's plugged in both to the computer and the wall. The computer recognizes it's plugged in. The phone just won't charge!!!

Please help!!! I've only had it (brand new) for 12 days!!!

Original 16 GB - Silver, Windows XP
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    I should also add that I don't have ANY of the error messages other users seem to be experiencing with similar problems.
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    usually it's the battery issue, but if it's brand new it maybe something else. did you try restoring it?
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    I just began having a similar experience. My iPhone is a little over 12 months old, an original model. I plugged it in last night to an outlet, and thought that it had charged. It must have as I watched a 16-1/2 minute YouTube video while not plugged in this morning; therefore it must have charged. I noticed later the charge was low (in the red; I may have had a low battery - 20% warning) and tried plugging into an outlet and then my MacBookPro; it indicated it was plugged into the computer, or charging when plugged into the wall outlet, but it either is not charging or it does not indicate any change in the state of charge.
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    It's possible your problem may be the USB jack. Mine failed shortly after the one year warranty expired. (An Apple Store Genius "guru" diagnosed the problem.)

    At this point, my options are:

    1. Pay $199 for a refurbished replacement 1st generation iPhone;
    2. Buy a firewire charging cord...because the phone still charges via firewire, I just can't sync it with my computer AT ALL anymore (how lame is that?...No more firmware updates or restore options possible), or
    3. Upgrade to a new 3G model. If I upgrade, I'm required to sign a new 2 year AT&T contract and add another $10 to my monthly iPhone data fee. (Talk about begin caught between a rock and a hard place!)

    I'm convinced this is a common defect in iPhones manufactured during a certain period of time. I think a batch of faulty USB interfaces got installed. I can't prove this...yet...but I'm gathering facts. I have been scouring the internet and I've discovered many phones purchased around Sept., 2007 have this USB failure problem. (I'm unlucky because my problem occurred AFTER the one year warranty expired. Many failures happened while the phone was still under warranty so a refurbished replacement was provided free of charge. Thus, the customer isn't as unhappy/disappointed/angry as me!)

    When did you buy your phone? Mine was purchased in Sept., 2007 and failed in Jan., 2009.

    I saved for months to buy this phone and I'm extremely upset that it failed way before my 2 year phone contract expired. I simply don't have $199 to "replace" it at this point (AND, who REALLY wants to spend another $199 on something you've already paid $399+ for) and then get a refurbished (aka already failed once) replacement model? I'm very afraid to throw away another $200 dollars on a product that has proven to be unreliable the first time I purchased it.

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    Welll.....if your warranty hasn't run out yet, you should just go to apple and get them to replace it for you they are pretty good with their warranty. Or else it could be the USB jack faulty issue. Getting someone to fix that shouldn't be too expensive. I mean if a cracked screen replacement is around $149 USB jack replacement shouldn't be anymore than $80.