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  • likeitis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I just placed 1" blue painters tape over the most of the front edge of the mac, and, while I'll have to see over time, it appears that the problem may be solved for the time being. I pressed about 1/2" onto the top, and then folded the tape down with a bit of extra, so that there is a little lip, overhang or bubble before the tape continues down over the front of the laptop, creating a nice cushioning effect. It took me about 3 minutes to do, and the blue strips, symmetrical as they are, look ok. When I use the trackpad, I'm not feeling any discomfort. If I do later, I think I'll try a second layer of tape with a second bubble of cushioning.
  • sphereboy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    i find the edges to be a bit too sharp. and the two sharp points in the middle knotch, at times can pierce quite nicely. but i love my macbook pro.
  • Habitat Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    This might sound too simple for some people but just buying some wristbands...u know the nike ones that wipe tennis players and basketball players use to wipe their around each wrist when your one the pc will also add enough cushion
  • likeitis Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Ok, I have found a very good solution. I use a podium coolpad to raise the back, but most importantly, I cut four pieces of 1/4" by 4" strips of the white foam that came with my 17" unibody mac in the box, and then I stuck it to the middle of 1" blue painters tape, and folded it all over the right front edge and stick it in place right where I rest my hand when using the mouse. Works like a charm, even on the couch! I also found some ava softpads recommended by Macworld for this issue, and ordered those so I won't have to have the blue tape there forever, but for now it actually adds some nice color.
  • Mark.Burton Level 2 Level 2 (465 points)
    The single reason I can not buy a new MacBook Pro. Went to an Apple store to check out the new 15" and after only a few minutes of use, my wrists had a 'dent' in them from the front edge and were sore. The catch area is even worse, the tips of the cut out are insanely sharp.

    Never ever had anything even approaching this problem with any Mac or PC laptop before. Apple need to hear this concern (yes, feedback sent) from their customers. If it does not affect you, then you are very fortunate, but its indisputable that it effects a significant number of customers. We all use our laptops in different ways, so its not a question of suggestion your solution for all to use.

    The simple fact is, the edge is too sharp and there needs to be a machining tweak to soften this edge and catch.
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    This whole thing about proper posture is stupid. So if I'm off with my posture just a little bit, I have to suffer and have my wrists cut by this new macbook pros sharp edges? I think this is just plain dumb, what a simple thing to fix, and yet Apple overlooked it. I'm very disappointed. I also don't like the new trackpad.. it doesn't work right most of the time. I may actually return my new macbook pro and go back to my old one with the single button, at least that way I don't have to cut my wrists.

    Just an opinion

  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)
    This is getting really bad. I just got a 15" MacBook Pro, and the front edge, while beautiful and really modern looking, is like resting your palm or wrist on a knife edge.

    While typing, I end up with nasty deep grooves on my forearms, but worse is web surfing where you're using the trackpad only. I tend to rest my palm over the edge while using the trackpad. This is causing pain similar to carpal tunnel.

    I honestly cannot believe Apple would let this case design go thru without ergo testing. It's a terrible design.

    We need a third party solution, like some rubber rounded bezel you can clip to the front. It's not elegant, but I dare say this MacBook Pro is not ergonomically usable on your lap.
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    Hi, Frank. You are one of a very small minority of users who find the MBP's edge intolerably sharp. I say this because the thread you posted in has been going for five months now and has drawn posts from only a couple of dozen different unhappy users, while hundreds of thousands of MBPs have been sold in that time.

    If you can't stand the edge, I urge you to return your new computer for a refund while you still can (unless it's a configured-to-order machine) and buy something else instead. Apple can't fix it for you without redesigning the machine. If you can't return it, or if it has too many other valuable qualities for you to want to return it, then use your own ingenuity to solve your problem with it. There are plenty of suggestions in this thread (though you have to put up with a lot of whining to find them), and without half trying I can think of any number of others as well as variants on them.

    I've been using my MBP, often on my lap in a recliner, for six months now, and I don't find the edge too uncomfortable to put up with. But people differ, and they need to respond differently to what irritates them. Good luck with your MBP.

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  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)
    I don't see myself returning it. There is no other Mac laptop model that isn't sharp, and I won't go to Windoze. I've been told I need to keep the wrists/forearms above the edge, so I am trying that.
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    I was quite surprised by the sharp edge of my MBP, too. I found a solution that takes the edge off (ha ha) for me, and serves a dual purpose as well. I purchased a Speck case--I just checked their website and they do not have the latest model available yet (with the SD card), but here is a link to the 15", for example. /160

    I found this product significantly cheaper at Amazon, however ($35). I picked the clear, hard case and it has been a great addition for me. My MBP stays scratch-free, and the case creates a slight beveled edge which helps with the sharp edge. It does not, however, help in the latch area. If that is your trouble spot, then this probably won't help.

    I do take the case off--gently--about once a week to clean out the crumbs and assorted debris, but I haven't had any difficulty getting it on or off of my MBP. It does add some weight to the laptop, but for me the trade off is well worth it. Plus, if you get the clear one it doesn't destroy the beauty of the MBP.

    I hope this helps!

    Oh, and this lappad--the Allsop Cool Channel Laptop Platform 29591--has helped a great deal, too. If you are looking for a lappad, this one travels well (you turn it around and it helps to protect your MBP during travel), assists in cooling, achieving proper writing angle, and it doesn't cost a fortune. It is really designed for 13" laptops, but my 15" fits great and is well supported. I think I looked at every option out there and this one is a real winner for quality, stability, ease of use, and price.

    Good luck--this is not an imaginary issue for many, and I just can't stand the thought of putting painters tape on my new MBP, lol.
  • Tomeranaray Level 1 Level 1 (85 points)
    the edges are insanely sharp. Most of the time, I use my MBpro with an external keyboard in my office, so that works great. But at home or on the road? It has gotten so bad I cannot use it anymore! As soon as I start typing (yes I always rest my hands on the edge), it starts to hurt. Bad. I have red lignes across my wrists.

    ok, I could force myself into not resting my hands on the laptop anymore for typing and even while using the trackpad. Very annoying, and I am not convinced it is a better posture?!
  • eww Level 9 Level 9 (52,975 points)
    ok, I could force myself into not resting my hands on the laptop anymore for typing and even while using the trackpad...

    Or you could pad your wrists, or you could apply tape to the edge of the computer, or you could place a small cylindrical pad (such as a rolled cloth napkin, hand towel or washcoth) in front of the edge to support your wrists while you're resting them. You have a fabulous computer with this one easily-surmountable drawback. Use a little ingenuity.

    ...Very annoying, and I am not convinced it is a better posture?!

    You don't have to believe it's a better posture. It's merely what all secretarial schools, typing instructors, typing instruction software, ergonomics experts, orthopedists and physical therapists have recommended for well over half a century to people who type. Maybe there's something to it.
  • Frank Malloy Level 2 Level 2 (350 points)
    You have a fabulous computer with this one easily-surmountable drawback. Use a little ingenuity.

    So, we can't count on Apple for 'ingenuity' then, and we can't blame them for an "easily-surmountable drawback". We should cobble together washcloths, hand-towels, or rolled cloth napkins to get comfort - it's apparently our problem to create a solution...?
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    I'm not trying to discount what you feel is an issue, however, I'd guestimate that an extremely amount of uni-body users find this to be a problem or an issue..

    To me, the edges are not even the slightest bit "razor" sharp. They have never hurt or left an impression of any kind on my wrists. Quite frankly, I believe Apple have created a near perfect design with the uni-body notebooks..

    Although, there will never be a single product that is perfect for everyone..

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