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I just got a 2G 16GB iPhone (new/sealed from eBay). I have setup all my email accounts and everything is fine. However when I go to compose a new email, things look a bit off to me.

The first line field is the "To:' field...that is fine!

The second line field is where things get weird. Instead of it showing only "From" it shows "Cc/Bcc, From:" instead. I don't recall seeing this happening on previous phones that I've had (running previous version of the OS prior to 2.2). Is it suppose to do this now with 2.2 or is something wrong with my phone/settings?

When I go to "settings", "mail, contacts and calendars" I have the show "To/Cc:" label set to off. I also have "always Bcc myself" turned off as well. Why are these things showing in my mail when I go to compose new mail? Especially the field where everything is on one line (The second line field is where things get weird. Instead of it showing only "From" it shows "Cc/Bcc, From:").

Is there a fix for this, it's really confusing. I've tested sending outgoing mail and when I go back to the sent folder and look at what I just sent everything looks fine (non confusing) and when I read the new mail in my inbox again, everything looks fine. It's just when composing mail, where everything looks confusing.

Any help to fix this or has Apple updated it's software to work like this? If so I fail to see why as it makes no sense to me. Let's not forget those settings in the mail settings don't even work whether you turn them on or off. Why are they even there then? Although I must admit, when turning on "always Bcc myself" when you go back to compose a mail, all the labels are shown correct (each line for To, From, Cc, Bcc, etc). Yet if I go back and turn off the "always Bcc myself" option, everything is mixed up again with 3 different labels on one line. I just can't figure it out.

Dell XPS M1530, Windows Vista