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hi, i just bought a mac pro and used migration assistant to move my files over. it successfully moved applications, settings, etc. however, my photos in iphoto and songs in itunes didn't make it over. how do i retrieve them now?

mac pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    ok, it looks like maybe it did move these things... under a different user name i see some folders with red circles on them. when i try and access these folders it says that i don't have sufficient access privelages. how do i open these? thanks
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    it allowed me access as soon as i downloaded the latest software updates. i also had to restart the computer. the only negative about using the migration assistant was not having control over exactly what moved over to my new computer. i'm not sure if i wanted all my old ppc g5 stuff to be moved over as i know that i'll have to reinstall just about application with new drivers, etc. oh well, next time i'll know better. love this forum and my new mac!